The Dazcat 1195 Legacy


Although production is currently focused on D1295 & 1495 models we are reluctant to give up one of our all time favourite boats. It’s very well suited to those who are keen to own a Dazcat completed with their own finishing touches in their own way, which is why it’s currently available as a ‘structurally complete hull’. That is, we build the structure and you finish it. Find out more about 1195 structurally complete hulls and how the process works by following Merlin’s story.

Known as ‘the cruiser’s racer’, this boat combines sleek good looks with phenomenal power and a high level of comfort. It is easy to see why she is popular with cruising and racing enthusiasts alike. Why choose between them when you can have it all, including finishing entirely on your own terms?


  • Model: D1195
  • Designers: Dazcat Catamarans
  • LOA: 11.9m
  • BOA: 6.5m
  • Weight – Lightship: 4500kg
  • Weight – Max Loaded: 7500kg
  • LWBR: 10:1
  • Main Sail Area: 55m2
  • Jib Area: 27m2
  • Spinnaker: 120m2
  • Construction: PVC/ Glass/ Carbon
  • Berths: 7
  • Headroom Hulls: Standing
  • Headroom Bridge Deck: Standing
  • Steering: Cable
  • Rudders: Blade
  • Foils: Twin carbon dagger-boards
  • Auxiliary Power: 2x14hp inboards
  • RCD: CAT A
  • Builder: Multimarine Manufacturing LTD
  • Cost: From £460,000 ex VAT

About the D1195


Whatever you want from your catamaran – racing inshore or offshore, cruising locally or heading on out into the blue yonder, singlehanded or with family and friends, the Dazcat 1195 can do it all, and outperform its rivals for speed, comfort and good times You can have a choice of rig height and material depending whether you mostly want to cruise or race.

Clever design and material processing means all Dazcats are around half the weight of a standard production catamaran, with the strength to race offshore. Only the highest quality materials and equipment are used.

This is a true cruising catamaran capable of competitive racing and has participated in RORC and MOCRA events such as the two-handed Shetland, Round Britain and Round Ireland Races and Fastnet. It is also comfortable and spacious enough to cruise for family holidays and fun.

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Sueños means dream in Spanish. It’s the name of our Dazcat because it really is our dream boat and it allows us to live out our dreams, whether racing or cruising.

Rupert Kidd & Isa Malo, 2018

Rock Steady (D1195) was sold to new syndicate owners in France in 2018. This is what they said at the end of their first full season with her:

We went to Galicia this summer with the boat.  This cruise has strengthened us in the choice of this beautiful boat.  Darren your design is perfect: comfort, safety and pleasure of navigation. Congratulation.

Dazcat 1195 Rock Steady is now ‘race ready’!

Dazcat 1195 Rock Steady is now ‘race ready’!

Dazcat 1195 Rock Steady gets VPLP naval architects' seal of approval!Dazcat 1195 Rock Steady, launched in 2010 spent most of her life until recently gently cruising the UK West Coast. After being sold to a French Syndicate duo in 2010 she has just converted to become...


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