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Established in 1988


Dazcat raft up D1295 in foreground

Proven Multihull Performance

Our passionate and experienced team has been designing, building and sailing multihulls since 1988. The combination of exceptional qualities clearly apparent in Dazcat’s range of cruiser-racer catamarans is the cumulation of first-hand sailing experiences in every type of condition. The evolutionary cycle of repeatedly bringing 30 years of experience back to the design and build stages has consistently driven our advances in innovation and creativity.

Responding to our clients’ needs

We’ve always worked with every customer individually to help define their needs. Nothing has changed in that respect but we are now focusing production on two models: The D1295 & D1495. This is in response to interest, requests and the customers’ desire to get their Dazcat as quickly as possible.

As always, feel free to contact us to discuss any of our range.

“Simon and Multimarine have provided extremely good customer service and expertise to SailMaine since our acquisition of the boat in the Spring of 2020. I have been very impressed with how responsive, supportive, and knowledgeable Simon has been, even though we are not the original owner of the boat. It is clear Multimarine takes pride in their craftsmanship and wants to see their boats sailed well and cared for, period.”

Bennett Allen

Adult and Offshore Programs Director, Sail Maine

Dazcat 1295

Defining Dazcats

Dazcats are designed and built by sailors, for sailors and they share features that distinguish them from other boats.

What are our standout features?

  • Dazcats are unique, rare and often the prettiest boat at anchor
  • Best power to weight ratio
  • Light wind performance reduces need to motor
  • Secure cockpit
  • Twin helm stations give commanding and clear views of the whole boat including bows and sterns.
  • All lines and controls lead back to the helm stations reducing need to go forward and making short, or single-handed sailing safe and possible.
  • Centralised weight supports heightened performance and comfort of ride.
  • Helm is highly responsive to the slightest rudder input.
  • Shallow draft and beachable
  • Rigid bimini neatly accommodates large solar array and enables safe, easy access to the boom and mainsail
  • Comfort of ride both above and below decks
  • Clean, comfortable and modern interior architecture
  • Saloon layout maximises the communal living space.
  • The expansive galley gives 360 views inside and outside the boat, allowing the chef of the moment to interact with other crew and what’s happening on deck. It has extensive storage and its placement in the boat means you can cook up a feast no matter what’s going on with the sea conditions.
  • Digital aircon can be linked to the large lithium bank – electric and hybrid options available
  • Generator free sailing.
  • Ease of below deck access to the main systems.

Dazcats always make you smile.

The Dazcat 1095 Concept


Fast, fun and a superb entry level catamaran for cruising or the RORC/ MOCRA race scene. The 1095 features include a super lightweight and taller rig for increased speed. Carbon daggerboards and kick-up rudders for easy beaching. Comfort and ease of use combined with the classic Dazcat strength and performance are the main design features of this little beauty.

The 1095 is in our ‘Concept’ category and not yet in production. You are welcome to contact us to discuss this concept further.

Dazcat 1095 Multimarine catamaran
Dazcat 1195 multihull performance racer cruiser catamaran

The Dazcat 1195 Legacy


Known as ‘the cruiser’s racer’, this boat combines sleek good looks with phenomenal power and a high level of comfort. It is easy to see why she is so popular with cruising and racing enthusiasts alike. Why choose between them when you can have it all?

The 1195 is not currently in production but for those who enjoy a project, Multimarine are now offering the 1195 as ‘Structurally complete hulls’. Find out more about structurally complete hulls

The Dazcat 1295 – Production Focus


The D1295 is a real performance choice for all inshore and offshore events. As with all our Dazcats, having the self-tacking jib option and all the lines running back to the cockpit makes her easy and safe to manage even when shorthanded. The D1295, our fastest tacking Dazcat, has us awed by her super slick moves and stunning lines, making the perfect boat whether racing or enjoying some cruising time with family and friends.

Available for 2022 delivery.

Dazcat 1295
Dazcat Multimarine accessible catamaran cruiser lightweight comfort ease-of-use strength

The Dazcat 1295XL Custom


The 1295XL was designed and built as a one-off accessible cruiser. Commissioned by a family whose three children have varying special needs this boat was built specifically so they could all enjoy being on the water. While we don’t anticipate building another XL it is included in the range to give you an idea of the possibilities available when you choose to go with Dazcat.

The Dazcat 1495 Production


The Dazcat 1495 really is our champion. She’s the perfect yacht for long distance cruising or family weekends and has also won numerous RORC and MOCRA races.

Over 30 years of design and build experience have gone into the cutting edge, lightweight composite techniques; utilizing carbon in key areas to deliver the perfect balance between performance, stiffness and comfort. Ease of handling, modern, spacious & comfortable interiors and design finishes to the owner’s requirements all contribute to making this a superb choice of boat.

Depending on build slot availability, the 1495 can be yours to sail away in under a year from ordering.

Dazcat Multimarine catamaran lightweight carbon comfort ease-of-use performance strength multihull
Dazcat Multimarine catamaran lightweight carbon comfort ease-of-use performance strength multihull

The Dazcat 1895 Concept


Designed with longer distances in mind whether racing or cruising, this Dazcat 1895 is built to handle all conditions. Her power combined with lightweight carbon strength and stiffness guarantees you’ll always travel fast in secure comfort.

Multimarine has not yet begun production of the 1895. Please contact us if you are interested.

Performance Cruiser-Racer Catamarans

We design and build true cruiser-racers: fast, comfortable, strong family cruisers that can also win races if that’s what you want to do. The 2019 Rolex Fastnet race saw five of our local Dazcats entered. The top four returned 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 6th in class. The two videos below perfectly exemplify our Dazcat ethos – fast comfort!

We love this short excerpt of Alex Thomson at the multihulls start “…if I had to choose one [a multihull] to do it on and stay dry and go fast, I think I’d be choosing a Dazcat!”

This video Yachting World put together of the 2019 Fastnet on board Dazcat 1495 Hissy Fit shows how easily the boat handles the conditions so the crew can stay fresh, enjoy the sailing and eat and sleep well throughout! 

We are often in the yachting press. You can read some of what they’ve said about us on our News & Media page.


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