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The benefits of boating

2020 Resilience in UK Recreational Boating
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Boating is good for you!

Dump the Playstation and enjoy the ‘Staycation’

Make the most of our watery Isles…

The official U.K. recreational boating statistics for 2020 are not yet in but considering that, according to British Marine, the leisure marine industry had already shown a seven year-on-year growth it appears that the trend is set to continue – with the 2020 curveball addition.

We don’t need the official figures to see that recreational craft of all kinds are in exceptionally high demand this year and it’s not hard to pinpoint why: With over 4,000 miles of beautiful U.K. inland waterways and 11,072  of mainland coastline spending time on our beautiful waters has been the go-to solution for millions in 2020 needing to destress and deprived of the usual holiday destinations.

2020 resilience in recreational boating uk
Dazcat 1295 for boat sharing partnerships

Find out about your local rivers

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has created the interactive map above so you can discover your local rivers.

guardian article water based activities in the uk

Guardian low-down on water based holidays

It’s no surprise many ‘staycation’ articles have focused on water-based activities.

2020 resilience in recreational boating uk

post lockdown rush to get out on the water

By any means possible!

Once the lockdown restrictions eased we saw an unprecedented rush to get out on the water, by any means possible. Craft of every shape, size, age, budget and necessary skills level took to the water, the crews as diverse as their boats.

The point was firmly made – people wanted to be on, in or as near as possible to the water.

boating is good for you - jet ski
boating is good for you - beach cats
boating is good for you - kayak
boating is good for you - windsurfer
boating is good for you - paddle board
happy Dazcat boat share partners
powercat 525

Research says that boating triggers a restful state and ‘resets’ your brain.

It's really no surprise to us

We’ve always known that being on the water is the best thing ever!

2020 resilience in recreational boating is about building your resilience to life’s stresses. It’s really no surprise to those who spend their lives on or around the water. Google ‘benefits of boating’ and you are offered 100s of pages of physical and mental health benefits said to be gained from recreational boating. An evidence based scientific study by Dr Wallace Nichols finds that “the mere sight and sound of water promotes wellness by lowering cortisol, increasing serotonin and inducing relaxation. Being on the water promotes physiological and psychological benefits that help manage trauma, anxiety, sleep, autism, addiction, fitness, attention/focus, stress, grief, PTSD, build personal resilience, and much more.”

(From: Boating is Good for You, Domenic Genua 26-09-20)

But what do the ‘experts’ say?

British Medical Journal article – the science behind the claims

RYA on the benfits of boating for kids

Yachting World on sailing with kids

American College of Healthcare Sciences on being IN the water

The Guardian – even just a stroll by the seaside helps

Boat International explores some history, some research and some high end spas that import Mediterranean seawater!

Join the U.k. boating community...

It really is for everyone.


Who goes boating?

Anyone really. It’s not the elitist sport it’s made out to be!

According to Statistica around 7.3% of the population participated in recreational boating activities around the UK in 2018 and 1.2 million boats are owned by nearly 700,000 households. Around half of these are kayaks, and paddle boarding is also a rapidly growing trend.

For sure when the 2020 figures are out we’ll see a dramaric increase as all of a sudden, boats of every kind are in short supply!

Remember, you don’t have to actually own a boat to enjoy one, there are many U.K. based hire and charter businesses offering almost every type of watery experience there is.

Who says boating is an elitist sport?

boating is good for you cat in a lifejacket
2020 resilience in recreational boating uk
boating is good for you -beach cats
boating is good for you - statistics
family being pulled in a dingy
powercat 525
boating is good for you - small boat
dingy stats uk
sailboat stats uk 2018
boating is good for you - dazcats
boating is good for you - kayaking

What do we know about it?

dazcat 1295 slinky malinki

Multimarine Manufacturing is based at the Multihull Centre Yard in SE Cornwall, U.K.

We live and breathe boating. It’s our reason for being and we know very well how great it makes you feel so we just want to share the love a bit and encourage anyone who hasn’t given it a go to do so!

Rather obviously, our main interest is multihulls. Multihulls of all shapes and sizes that is. Yes, we build beautiful and innovative custom boats that come with a large price tag whether power or sail, performance oriented or for wheelchair accessible cruising. But we are lovers of boating of all kinds and believe in helping people to get out there and enjoy the benefits.

With that in mind, the Multihull Centre yard is growing the South West Multihulls Racing and Cruising Association (MOCRA) fleet of smaller boats to encourage younger and more varied aspiring sailors to join us.

The very popular Powercat brand is also relaunching soon at the yard – ideal for those who just want to get out there and enjoy it, without the sailing part.

powercat 525

The Multihull Centre Brokerage also has boats to suit a wide range of taste and budget (more needed – we’re selling out!) and we promote boat sharing partnerships as a sustainable way to boat ownership.

Trimaran nemo at multihull centre yard

The Multihull Centre Yard is Europe’s oldest multihull specialist yard – it’s been a home to dreams and adventures for over 50 years!

Multimarine, carbon fibre and performance specialists, have been building some of the U.k.’s top innovative and custom boats for over 20 years. 

Together our passion for boating is unsurpassed!

Any day can become a ‘day-cation’ when you own a boat

If we’ve learnt nothing else in 2020 I think ‘seize the moment’ has been fairly key – we never know what’s coming next so make the most of now!

By investing in a smaller craft that you can keep at home and easily transport, either on top of the car or on a trailer, you not only keep costs down but it means you can make a dash for it whenever the mood and conditions suit. You can also take it away with you to enhance any land based holidays. Of course, the bigger and more sea-worthy the boat the greater your horizons.

powercat 525

Boating really is the ideal way to relax, explore, spend quality family & friends time and have adventures in times of travel restrictions and smaller group ‘bubbles’. You can make little mini-fleets that meet and enjoy the water together without intruding on each other’s bubbles…And so many different types of craft to choose from there’s really something for everyone.

Dazcat raft up

The UK Marine Sector – support 2020 resilience in the recreational boating industry

The leisure marine sector is a significant contributor to the UK economy and small businesses account for the bulk of the marine industry. They employ many thousands of people, so it’s good to know it’s robust in these difficult times. Why not help to keep both yourself and the sector healthy by taking up a recreational water sport? If you’re buying new you’ll be supporting this essential section of the economy by choosing a U.K. manufacturer.

british marine statistics
multihull centre yard team photo

Our Multihull Centre Yard Team

Before the times of social distancing – it’s hard to get a team photo these days but many of us are sailors so we’ve sailed together but in isolation this year!

Stay safe

Always respect the water

Don’t take risks – you’re not just putting your own life in danger but others as well.

There are many clubs and groups you can join around the country. Search to see what’s available in your local area. 

Join the community

Join online groups and boating chats. The sailing and boating community in general is pretty friendly so it’s a great place to ask questions. 

A place to learn

The RYA has tons of formal and informal resources available on line to help you get started if you’re new to boating or want to build your knowledge and skills…

Be responsible

Always respect nature

Our oceans, rivers, coasts and waterways are one of our most precious commodities. Always care for the environment around you. 

the multihull centre and sustainability

Find out how we are committed to sustainability through our links with local groups and our goals. Read the World Sailing guide to environmenally friendly sailing.

support your local environmental group

Find out locally what you can do to help the environment. For example, the UK Rivers Network links you to local acivity and information.

multihull centre logo

Contact us using the form below if you’re a multihull owner in our area (U.K. South West) and interested in joining our, for now, socially distanced multihull fun.


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Article by Oriel Butcher, Media and Marketing at Multimarine