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Carbon composite design, build and engineering experts

We have built our expertise in custom composite engineering and construction over more than 20 years. Our extensive portfolio demonstrates our level of skill and committment – always the highest quality design and build, always meeting customer requirements.

Unique, innovative and highly personalised boat builds of all types

We specialise in multihulls, sail and power, and have also built monohulls.  We have enjoyed working with many prominent designers and naval architects to produce a wide selection of one-off craft, each with their own specific requirements and features.

Co-creating knowledge through our collaborations

Collaborations have included our own in-house design team working with designers such as Nigel Irens, Nic Bailey , Kelsall, Adrian Thompson, Derick Reynolds, Ben Rogerson and many others. This experience allows us to provide you with the best possible service using collective knowledge accumulated over years.

Production can also be custom

Many of our Dazcat and Powercat ranges are ‘production’ boats. If you say “I want it just like that one”, we’ll be very happy to comply. But of course, we also invite you to make your own decisions and contributions, if that’s what you want..

Barriers free principles

Diversity sparks creativity and our barriers-free principles, embedded through everything we do, have led to our reputation as innovators. We are masters at our craft, and, world leaders in building accessible boats both power and sail, catamaran and trimaran.

Handcrafted by experts

Passion and expertise meld here and a small part of every team member is invested in each boat. All our projects are hand engineered and led by highly skilled specialists, many of whom are also passionate sailors and so have a full 360 understanding of what distinguishes an excellent build from a mediocre one. When there’s this level of attachment, every boat is a masterpiece.




You’re right up there at the top with the best of them

Nigel Irens

Yacht Designer, Nigel Irens Designs

New systems installation Multimarine manufacturing project
A person spraying paint - a Multimarine manufacturing project
Multimarine manufacturing project
Multimarine infusion

Adrian Thompson: working with us on the VSV project


We have produced an extensive range of plugs, moulds and tooling. We use our custom composite engineering expertise to develop highly effective methods to fabricate sophisticated tooling, from splash to full production and infusion moulds.

Our wide-ranging experience of different techniques and processes, from wet laminating to resin infusion and pre-pregs, gives us the understanding necessary to construct the right tooling to create high quality components whatever the remit. All projects large and small benefit from our years of experience.

The Gweek Pontoon is our largest project to date. In the video below the  team work togrthert to turn over the mould.

The Gweek Pontoon is our biggest project to date. Here, Multimarine and the yard team work together to turn over the moulds

multimarine manufacturing advanced custom composite engineering carbon innovation

Carbon Component Construction

We produce composite engineered components for many clients, including Kenneth Ryland’s Davit Crane which won the Dame award at METS for Best Marine Product in the World.

Our in-house carbon production includes rudders, dagger-boards, foils, masts, booms, seagull-strikers and spinnaker poles.

When You Tube celebrity bloggers Dan and Kika from Sailing Uma wanted a new carbon bowsprit for their monohull….

In-house carbon fibre component construction

Infusion as part of the build process

Ensuring Client Security

For larger projects

We understand that it is essential that your investment is 100% secure with us. Read more to find out how your finances are managed through the build process.

  • A client account is set up as soon as we commit to your project.
  • At each stage of the contract you pay into your client account to the agreed schedule.
  • The account must be positively funded or we simply do not start the next section of work and the delivery schedule is changed.
  • Depending on the stage of build you will be charged for storage during the interim.
  • As each part of the boat is built, component parts are purchased and marked. This gives you ownership throughout the build at all times.
  • No other project or late payment by any other, can affect your project. As we run multple projects simultaneously, this is important. By using this system risk is removed completely.
  • We do not cash flow each project ourselves using banks – costing more – or jiggle money from one project to another. Cash flow issues are removed, making the build process smooth and efficient as we can purchase parts in bulk and in time. This has become an issue with many companies, due to just in time processes and the lack of stock held by suppliers.
  • We developed this client account system back in 2000 and are still using it. It’s worked well for both client and us.

We are now one of the longest established yards building boats in the UK, and have completed many different vessels for very happy clients, with project costs ranging from £300k to £5m.

For more information or references, feel free to contact info@multimarine.co.uk


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