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powercat 525 open camper

An amazing world of stability, comfort of ride, fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability, low wash and space. Powercats are the way to make the most of both leisure and commercial boating.

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In sailing everyone knows that more than one hull provides the ultimate in stability and ride.

The same principles have been applied to smaller, powered craft – resulting in the perfect family and working boat! Our Powercats may be the new must-have for the water, but they actually have a great heritage too, designed for the tricky waters of the Isles of Scilly where they have proven very popular.


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Features and Benefits of the Powercat 525

Features and Benefits of the Powercat 525

POWERCAT 525POWERCATS 525 are ready to get you on the water in 2021 The super-efficient and well proven Cornish designed and built 525 is equally at home in both recreational and commercial settings, thanks to its quality of build and smooth ride. It is effortlessly...

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Powering up for 2021 in the Powercat 525

POWERCAT 525POWERCATS POWERING UP FOR 2021The super-efficient, UK designed and built 525 is equally at home in both recreational and commercial settings thanks to its quality of build and smooth ride. It is effortlessly towable and launching can be easily done by one...

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Powerboats of every type and size.

We build power cats, tris and monos.


girl helming powercat 525
powercat 525 on trailer



Due to the inherent stability and level deck area of multihulls they provide the perfect platform for people with physical disabilities. All our boats are designed with accessibility in mind, some are customised to specific access needs.


powercat 990 chelsea london port authority river patrol
Powercats in the news

We’ve been pretty busy with some major projects over the last few years including a variety of custom power boats. That means we haven’t built any from the Powercat production range for some time, but the enquiries have never stopped coming in. It’s easy to see why when you read some of the rave reviews they had. It’s time to do a bit of updating and get back on the production of these superb ‘do it all’ boats.

525 Review - Rock Solid Multihull

UK Boats Reviews certainly has plenty of good things to say about the 525 

Powercat Tops the '5 Great Boats' List

Powercats listed at the top of the list of Five Great boats for Exploring

525 Adapted for Wheelchair Access

The 525 was adapted by Multimarine for a keen fisherman.

dazcat power 15 accessible catamaran

Well proven commercial & recreational craft, production and custom.

The thing that is always the same is the super-efficient hull designs for fast, energy saving, accessible powerboating. We provide a full range of solutions, whatever your needs.

port pendennis marina 64ft powercat rainmaker
vsv mary slim multimarine
powercat 525 accessible boat
Why use Powercat for commercial purposes?
Benefits of Powercats

Marine-based organisations, commercial fishermen and businesses across the UK are already enjoying the benefits that Powercat provides them.

Benefits of PowercatsFuel economy, safety and flexibility, combined with the ability to adapt Powercat to a wide range of commercial applications has already made it the natural choice for organisations such as the Environment Agency, Cornish fishermen and Gwynedd Council Harbour Authorities.

Having evolved from a working background around the Isles of Scilly, where Powercats operate on a daily basis in some of the most testing sea conditions, commercial Powercat has a proven pedigree and reputation for stability, solidity, ruggedness and above all an ability to get the job done. Such is the flexibility of the commercial Powercat that it can also be produced with a range of cabin versions and deck layout options specifically suited and tailored to your own individual requirements.

Thanks to its shallow draft and low wash, Powercat is equally at home undertaking river work as it is undertaking coastal work; Powercat is suited to any commercial small boat role. Its ability to operate in difficult sea conditions, thanks to its unrivalled sea holding, not only means that you can have added confidence in Powercat when the weather turns nasty, but also means you can operate longer in those conditions without having to turn for home, compared to other craft of a similar size.


Port of London Authority

Port of London Authority enjoyed the benefits from their Powercat service vessel so much they ordered another. 

For hire in the Isles of Scilly

Powercats were originally designed for the Harbour authorities in the Isles of Scilly, where they’ve been used for many years. Now, Powercats are also in use as ferries between the islands and also available for hire

Power – the way to get there first!

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The Powercat 525 – 2022 delivery available


The Powercat 525 has proven extremely popular for both commercial and recreational uses.

It has been used by Harbour Authorities, as a safety boat, wheelchair accessible sport fishing and for quick, easy access to the water with family and friends. This robust and highly economic boat is our most popular production model.

landau launch 20

The Landau Launch


We are very happy to announce that Multimarine Manufacturing will now be producing the Landau Launch designs, marketed by the Multihull Centre working with Winchester Yachts. 

The Landau is a very innovative, three-hull formation design originally by David Thomas and built by Peter Thomas of Cornish Crabbers. The successful Crabber designs have benefitted with a surge of orders and are currently fully booked up for 2 years with their sailboat production, a fine credit to them.

Multimarine will be entering an R&D phase initially as we explore more sustainable build and operating routes. 


Powercat 695 interior

The Powercat 695


Able to comfortably accommodate work teams, fishing enthusiasts or families and friends on days out, the 695 offers it all. Compact comfort that is equally at home inshore as on the open water.

The Powercat 990


The 990 is a perfect, low economy, shallow draft vessel for working in rivers, esturies and ports. It’s also proven popular for inter-island services and ferries as well as making an excellent charter boat.

Powercat 990 port of london river patrol
Dazcat power accessible power catamaran

The DP 15


The Dazcat Power 15 is a custom designed wheelchair accessible power catamaran commissioned by for cruising in the Med. It has a specially designed hydraulic lift up to the flybridge, and living areas spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair at bridgedeck level. Doors all slide open, giving easy access to the main on deck cabin, serviced by a wet room opposite that can also be accessed from the aft deck after swimming.


64 ft Powercat


Lightweight, carbon engineering designed for comfortable cruising at 20 knots. This powercat for Port Pendennis Marina combines work and pleasure.

Multimarine powercat rainmaker nigel irens design gunboat gth
Multimarine vsv nic bailey design monohull power wave piercing

The Power of One


The wave-piercing hull of the VSV (Very Slender Vessel) is designed to cut through waves in a highly efficient offshore craft. This Nic Bailey design, built by Multimarine, is still innovative and maintains its futuristic appeal.

Powercat Concepts 

Get a quick overview of our powercat range in the brochures below.

Concepts Overview
Boat Sharing is the way to do it

Our super efficient hulls maximize fuel economies, but still, for the time you spend on it owning a boat can add up financially. We believe that co-ownership is the best way to get the most pleasure at least cost and with shared responsibility. It also means that the boat gets more time being used and less time on the mooring or trailer, better for everyone. A number of our boats are very successfully syndicate owned. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about co-ownership. 

525 & 525 commercial fishing licence