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Current Projects

Multimarine Manufacturing LTD has been setting the standards in British one-off projects for over 20 years. The diversity, performance and level of craftsmanship is apparent throughout our portfolio of current and past projects. The number of awards and nominations our boats have gained over the years, the achievements they have attained and the fact that many of our customers return for a second, or even third boat, stand as testimony to our commitment to excellence.


The innovation and uniqueness involved in each build keeps us sharp and constantly searching out new materials and solutions. The more production aspects of our Dazcat Catamaran builds allows us to just keep on perfecting both our skills and the boats.

Our relationship-based approach is a distinguishing feature of Multimarine. Finding out exactly what it is you want and working together to figure out how we can achieve it is central to our design and build processes. This relationship continues long after delivery of the completed boat. Customers, and their boats, become part of a larger extended family and they know they can contact us at any time. They also they know they’ll receive a warm and friendly welcome if they want to visit the yard, with or without boat, or join in with any local or other events.

One of our passions and specialities is to enable access to the water for everyone and we currently have two accessible builds in progress, one sail and one power. Both are Dazcat designs and both are for wheelchair users. For reasons of owner confidentiality we are currently able to publish information about only one of these, details of the other will be available on its launch.

In addition to the Dazcat Designs above there are two other exciting projects underway.


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